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By Jas B
June 28, 2016


Are you a B2B focused company? If so, do you provide your sales or product team with a tablet? If not, it's time to rethink this and invest in a tablet strategy.

What is one possible solution to building a more efficient and productive mobile team? Equip your sales teams with the right tools that enable them to make the best of each opportunity. By incorporating mobile devices such as tablets into your sales strategy, your team is able to enjoy the same productivity out in the field as they do when they are back at the office. These tools empower people to stay connected regardless of where they are. What this means is more targeted sales and an increased ability to engage new prospects. 

For B2B salespeople, lead nurturing is a difficult task and one that can be managed with the help of a tablet to streamline operations, empower your team and engage customers with real-time information, remote access to CRM with customer profiles and data, presentations, sales demos and videos. The world we live in today is moving at a fast pace, and companies that don’t adapt and adopt are often perceived as being low tech and behind the times. In order to come across as a dynamic, forward thinking leader within your industry, you need focus on helping your customer learn the value and impact of your product or service without wasting unnecessary time rummaging through stacks of paper or jotting down notes while you are in a meeting. Tablets can be an invaluable tool during the prospecting stage, enabling mobile sales reps to do online research, and take video or pictures to help customize the needs of a prospective customer.  

Tablets can also help your team be prepared during the final moments of the sales pitch. This ability to be prepared, agile and adaptable even at a moment’s notice, is essential in today’s competitive environment. Imagine your team has spent weeks preparing documentation before the big day and while waiting in the lobby before presenting the contract, proposal or marketing material, they find a typo, a misspelled name or a last minute change to the incentive in a proposal to be able to close the deal. Being connected with the ability to edit on-the-fly can help avoid an embarrassing customer facing experience, which has likely happened to every salesperson at least once in their lifetime. Now you can wirelessly connect your tablet to a projector, deliver a high impact presentation, and have your customer confirm the sale with a signature on a digital form which can be immediately sent to your fulfillment team. Many companies go a step further and incorporate remote credit card processing and card swiping accessories with tablets to further streamline and expedite the sales process.    

Top Benefits of Adopting Tablets for your Sales Team

According to a recent study conducted by MarketingCharts, companies who deployed tablets in sales-related activities report to using them more often to customize or edit a sales presentation before customer meetings (39%); walk through a sales presentation live in front of customers (60%); demo a solution live in front of customers (50%); perform various CRM activities (45%); and whiteboard messages (39%). This goes to show you that businesses are better off investing in their mobile workforce so that they are able to do their job meaningfully and effectively without any roadblocks or hiccups.

Let’s summarize how tablets can help your team close more deals and stay on track!

  1. Portability & ease 
  2. Increase engagement through demos
  3. Access to view and edit real-time data
  4. Ability to customize presentations and documents on-the-go
  5. Increase organization and productivity
  6. Ability to stay connected while remote

Finally, even the most innovative tablet cannot replace a great salesperson, but it may be an essential tool to supplement your team, impress customers, organize your business and close deals faster than before. With a diverse ecosystem of apps made specifically for tablets and smart phones for virtually every industry, these handy devices are increasingly being utilized now more than ever before.

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