Top Tech Trends to Adopt for Construction and Manufacturing

By Jas B
November 05, 2015

Making the  Leap

If you work within the construction and manufacturing industry, one thing that is certain in today’s day and age is that communication is the key to successful project completion. Over the years, the construction industry has grown significantly and this was all possible due to innovations in technology. Mobile and wireless technology usage has grown well beyond the limits of your average urban office space today. Businesses are now better able to collect real-time information, track and manage vehicles and equipment, increase security and worker safety, reduce paperwork with digital forms, process payments on mobile devices and even streamline their expenses. It’s safe to argue that as mobile technology continues to advance, the opportunities for each industry also increases.

While some industry leaders are quickly adopting wireless technology to streamline their businesses, others are finding it more challenging to make the leap. Unfortunately for most in the industry today, the ability to out-perform competition is bridled by a hard reality: only those who adapt their operations and management to the changing nature of the industry will truly succeed. Perhaps an even more pressing challenge is that this is creating somewhat of a technological divide that continues to grow larger. Frustration over the pace of technological advancements (which is actually quite remarkable!) also leads many smaller, family-owned businesses to drown under the ever changing smart phones, bewildering array of new mobile apps and the thousands of programs begging to be installed.

Top Tech Trends

So to keep your business ahead of the curb, we have compiled a list of the top industry trends and how you can take advantage of them to improve your business operations.

  1. Larger than a phone but smaller than a laptop, Tablets are quickly becoming a “must-have” tool for the worksite. Paired with a rich ecosystem of mobile apps and easily integrated within the “cloud,” tablets are taking project management to a whole new level. Users are now able to improve their workflow by instantly creating and sharing blueprints, contracts and other important documents amongst one another.
  2. While we all love our smartphones, sometimes brawn is just as important as brains. Perhaps, those working within the construction industry understand the value of investing in a strongphone.  Following a rugged design philosophy, strongphones like the Sonim Bolt and the Samsung Rugby have been intentionally designed to handle drops. When you are working onsite, this is expected.
  3. Bell’s Push-to-Talk service lets you connect with up to 250 people, and simultaneously talk, text, email and browse.  PTT is a quick and efficient communication technology that connects you to your team instantly.
  4. Mobile Apps:
    1. Ranked as one of the top service management mobile applications in the industry, ProntoForms enables users to receive dispatch forms from the office, collect work data in the field and submit effort-free forms from any location – that too in real time.
    2. Asset Management just got easier. With the Fleet Freedom Mobile app, you can remotely monitor the location and status of your assets and equipment at any given time while driving down costs!

Don't be intimidated. It's easy to get started, there is always help available.

While it is certainly true that the pace of technological advances is rapid and continually changing, it’s important to understand what makes the most sense for your business processes. The mobile and wireless trends discussed here represent significant value for most businesses in construction and manufacturing and are worth investing in. To help you transition to the most appropriate wireless solutions for your business competitiveness, be sure to take advantage of Preston Mobility's Free Wireless Business Evaluation. Nothing is better than having access to experts in mobile technology who are up to speed on the very latest in solutions to help guide you to what makes sense for your business.

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