Let's Talk Tablets: Market Trends and Observations

February 01, 2016

A Growing Trend...

Over the last few years, the influx of innovative tablets has resulted in an explosion of choices, making it rather difficult for even the most tech savvy buyer to know the best tablet for them. In most enterprises and small businesses, this is an even greater challenge, especially with those organizations who are yet to discover the potentials of adopting tablets within their business processes. The stark reality of the modern day is that those who fail to keep up to the technology trends, often  get left in the dust.

What we are seeing is that tablets such as Apple’s iPad, Microsoft’s Surface, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, and others, have actually been proven to dramatically increase productivity, efficiency & enhance communication in virtually all industries. To explore the many ways that tablets are being used in across different industries, keep reading!

Cross-Industry Tablet Usage

In the Construction & Manufacturing sector, many jobs require an employee to be in constant 24-hour communication with the workplace to help manage work flow and business processes.  In cases where a device is being transported every single workday, a tablet provides a far more ideal solution than a laptop; this is due to the thinner size, reduced weight, and better transportability of the gadget. Check out the video “From the Farm to the Table” in our recent blog to see how Fresh City is able to easily get fresh  produce to the doorsteps of their customers using the latest Samsung Technology.

In other ways, tablets also make a more enjoyable and familiar user experience over PCs, due to the nature of the touchscreen and app interfaces. In the iPad, for example, files are compartmentalized into apps, rather than in complex arrangements in folder systems where files of different types often reside side by side.  The use of apps on tablets neatly groups tasks based on the app being used; the logic of which often results in more efficient use of time and effort - rather than navigating file systems to look for a certain file. This feature is not only a time-saver but keeps your employees organized and stress-free!

Similarly, the Hospitality and Retail industry are also adopting tablets in many creative ways. Many hotels, for example, have installed tablets throughout each floor to allow guests to log into hotel services, book reservations, print boarding passes and so on without ever having to make a trip to the concierge desk. Even Airports are equipped with multiple tablet stations so that travelers are better able to look up flight information without having to physically go through the long lineups.

Additionally, many cafes and boutique shops are starting to toss out their clunky & expensive payment processing hardware and have opted for in-store tablets which not only look better but allow them to better engage with their customers and continuously install the latest software applications to support payment processing – all at a fraction of the price!  Check out the video about how Sense Appeal Coffee Roasters has replaced its cash register with tablets.

Eco friendly, sleek and resourceful, many Enterprises, Small Businesses and Startups are also finding themselves adopting tablets while attending conferences, trade shows and live events to promote their products. In the modern digital world, tablets have become an essential in pop-up displays, product launches and exhibitions. Check out how we used Pronto Forms on our Samsung Galaxy S Tablets to deliver an instant-results wireless voting solution during the 2015 Whistler Village Beer Festival.

These portable and innovative tools can provide a customized user experience for both your employee as well as your customers. Whether you use them on a remote work site, to replace a heavy duty POS system, or even at a trade show or festival, like we did, you are saving money and taking advantage of the flexibility they offer. I encourage you to really think about how your company is using tablets and if not, could it benefit from adopting these awesome devices in their daily routine.

If you are considering a tablet,  Preston and Bell Mobility make owning a tablet very easy. You can add a tablet to your existing voice & data [share] plans and have unlimited access to Canada's largest Wi-Fi network, including participating McDonald's®, Tim Hortons®, Indigo® and Chapters® locations. For more details on how you can take advantage of our Bell Installment Plans, contact us today so that our Wireless Solution Specialists can help you. 


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