Jamie Kitson Named VP of Sales at Preston Mobility

May 31, 2019


After enjoying an extensive career in telecom spanning over 25 years with Canada’s major carriers, Jamie Kitson recently joined Preston Mobility as Vice President of Sales, to accelerate growth across Western Canada, and in the rapidly emerging categories of IoT and Cloud Solutions.

I sat down with Jamie recently to talk about his decision to join Preston Mobility, and to share a bit of his story and perspective on the wireless industry.

BP: You’ve been in telecom for over 25 years and have worked with all the major carriers including Shaw, Bell, Rogers and Telus. What made you decide to join a Wireless Dealer rather than continue your career with the big carriers?

JK: One word. Impact. With a smaller company, you can have a more direct and profound impact on the success of the company and the people. Unlike the slower pace and bureaucracy of the carriers, the creativity, agility and energy of a smaller company is very invigorating. I love the competitive spirit at Preston, and the intimacy of working with a smaller high-performance team. I would also say that, as a Wireless Dealer, we have a more intimate relationship with our business clients, which I really enjoy.

BP: What was it specifically that made you join Preston Mobility?
JK: I have known Darelle Mitchell, Preston’s CEO for 20 years when we both worked at Rogers. I was his Regional Sales Manager when he was starting out in the industry. I watched him grow to become Canada’s top business rep for Rogers year after year. When Darelle left Rogers and started Preston Mobility, I knew it was going to be hugely successful. I watched the company grow and mature over the past 9 years, landing major corporate brands and accounts, and winning Awards year after year as the Top Dealer in Western Canada, and in other national categories. Their values and relentless passion for the Customer experience, and the full-service support model is unique in the Dealer industry. They were doing some exciting stuff, and after meeting the team, I knew right away I wanted to jump on board.

BP: What excites you most about the wireless industry?
JK: There is so much change and innovation. It’s unprecedented. From the advancement of Smartphones and other devices which are essential to every business, to the plethora of new IoT solutions that provide security, business intelligence and real-time monitoring  to bring a level of efficiency and intelligence we have not seen before. I’ve heard it referred to as the 4th Revolution - the Intelligence Revolution. Our business mobility solutions are quite literally changing the way businesses operate. The flip side, is that the more sophisticated and integral devices become to businesses, the more expert support businesses need to manage and navigate the seemingly overwhelming number of solutions, security concerns and risks. This is where Preston Mobility is well-positioned to help businesses with their wireless strategies and ongoing management.

BP: What inspires you?
JK: That’s a good question. I would say impacting the success of others. When I was younger, in the early days of my career, I had more of a selfish perspective. I was driven by personal accomplishment, growth and advancement. Now, as I am more mature, I get motivated and inspired by helping others achieve their goals and contributing to their career success. This is one of reasons I was attracted to the VP of Sales position at Preston. I am able to mentor and coach our team, and have an impact on them personally and professionally. It’s very rewarding.

BP: Switching gears. What do you like do in your spare time?
JK: I like to stay as active as possible. Vancouver is the ultimate city to live in if you are active and love the outdoors. We are fortunate to live here. I enjoy golf, boating, hiking, and I am an avid runner. I try to run in as many marathons as I can. My wife and I enjoy hiking and running together. Our  real passion though, is our kids. We have a relatively young family, really enjoy activities with our kids. My 15 year old daughter loves jazz and plays the sax. She clearly did not get that talent from me. My 9 year old  young son recently took up golf, and loves it. Some of my best moments are when we are just hanging out on the golf course, spending quality time together, watching him learn the game and laughing together.

BP: Your favorite restaurant in Vancouver?
JK: The Cheese Inn on Dunbar. One of our favorite go to spots close to home. Love the Cobb salad, lamb stew, steak and Guinness pie. The French onion soup rocks. Great staff, trivia night Tuesday’s, live music on Saturday’s.

BP: The last book you read?
JK: Although I tend to read a few books at a time, the most recent one was John Grisham’s The Reckoning

BP: What is the greatest piece of advice you’ve ever received?
JK: Never compromise your integrity. It is the most important thing you have. And, at the end of your life – that is how you will be measured. You can recover from any loss, but not the loss of your integrity. I try to live my life being true to myself and to this principal. It gives me peace of mind.

BP: Any last words?
JK: Yes. As part of our growth strategy, we are expanding our team and looking for a few exceptional people to join our B2B Wireless Sales Team. It’s a great opportunity. Great company. Great culture.

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