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March 03, 2016


The Mobile WorkforceThere is no denying that the nature of how people work, and how they want to work, has been changing at a rapid pace. The driving force of these changes is Technology.The pervasiveness of cloud-based applications and collaborative mobile devices have equipped both employers and employees with the much needed flexibility to stay connected wherever they may be. Organizations who are making use of the new tools available to their employees are more likely to get the most out of this ever-emerging, “anywhere, anytime” connected generation and workforce.What are Some of the Requirements to Leveraging a Technology-Empowered Workforce? As the pace of organizational innovation accelerates and competition grows, businesses are being encouraged to empower their employees to deliver solutions and service more efficiently than ever before.  As a result, employees, especially the generation currently entering the workforce, expect a greater level of functionality and flexibility.They want to quickly connect to each other, share data and work together regardless of where they are - whether they are within an office setting, at home or waiting to board a flight.  Business owners are encouraged to act now to build a digitally interconnected environment for their employees, in order to remain productive irrespective of time or space constraints, and to compete for and retain high caliber employees. A study conducted by Softchoice, a North American IT Solutions and managed services provider, surveyed more than 1,700 employees to discover how technology is transforming their workdays and whether or not employees themselves favor a more connected workforce. The results are a reminder of how companies should be developing strategies to best align with the desires and expectations of todays connected society and workforce... Untitled_design_4.png

**Infographic and 2015 Study Conducted by Softchoice , a North American IT Solutions Company.

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