Harsh Penalties Annouced for BC Drivers

By Jas B
May 13, 2016


Prevent Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving continues to be a growing concern on the roads of BC and a large contributing factor to this potentially fatal phenomenon is your beloved smartphone.  According to Young Drivers of Canada, distracted driving is one of the leading causes of collisions today. A driver who is on their smartphone while they are driving are also 23 times more likely to be involved in a collision compared to the non-distracted driver. In BC alone, 34 per cent of young drivers involved in crashes resulting in injuries or deaths over the past five years were in fact distracted.

Besides using their mobile phones to call or message their friends and family, many individuals involved in accidents are also distracted in other ways. Distracted driving as defined by RCMP is any situation in which an individual is engaged in any other activity while driving a vehicle: dialing, texting, speaking on a mobile phone, reading, using a GPS navigator, watching videos, eating or drinking and even personal grooming.

What should BC drivers expect in the next few weeks?

Starting June 1st, the B.C. government is raising penalties for those engaged in distracted driving. For offenders the original penalty has more than doubled. First-time offenders will receive the $368 ticket and $175 for four penalty points on their driving records, for a total of $543.

Repeat offenders will pay the same $368, but will receive escalating penalty points for each offense within 12 months:

  • 2nd offense: $368 + $520 in penalty points = $888

  • 5th offense: $368 + $3760 in penalty points = $4,128

  • 10th offense: $368 + $14,520 in penalty points = $14,888

So What are Your Options for Going Hands Free?

The great news is that there are countless options for going hands free. For those who do not have a Bluetooth enabled vehicle, you can simply purchase accessories, and there are plenty to choose from. Everything from Bluetooth speakers with voice activated mics for your vehicle, phone cradles, wireless ear pieces and head sets, right up to a complete wireless blue tooth system for your vehicle. You can go hands free for as little as $19.99.  Preston Mobility Clients receive 15% off all accessories.     



Stay Connected the Safe Way: Hands Free Technology

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