Connecting Your Field Workforce and Teams

January 29, 2020

Mobile technology and solutions are powering today’s remote and dispersed workforce by automating workflow and connecting field workers in real-time with applications, solutions, and access to company systems. The impact on productivity has been transformational. Automated Forms are replacing paper; Location-Aware apps are replacing timesheets, tracking assets, and providing lone-worker safety; Push-to-Talk instant communications are saving time, increasing productivity and improving mobile collaboration; and on-site video is providing countless security and project management benefits.

As reliance on connected applications increases, so does the consumption of data. But what are the best options for connecting your field workers and teams? The two most common options are:

  1. A dedicated mobile Hub, or
  2. Creating a mobile hotspot on a Smartphone.

We get asked this quite regularly by our construction Clients. The only real benefit of using a hotspot from your mobile phone is convenience. There are some major benefits to using a separate dedicated device. A mobile Hub allows you the following benefits: 

  • Battery Life:  You are not risking your phone's battery life, or using one individual’s data. Phone's batteries are rated in cycles and their life is based on the number of these cycles (charge/discharges) before a battery is considered no longer useful.
  • Speed:  Time is money. Your connection speed to the internet will not be hindered by sharing with the activities of the phones background data use and the software proxying required. 
  • Raw Connection: A mobile hub provides a connection that is friendlier to additional services such as Corporate VPN’s and utilities requiring authentication. 
  • Security:  By providing a direct connection on a Hub vs. a mobile phone, you do not have to worry about a third-party phone app monitoring the information transiting to the other devices. 
  • Signal:  In weak signal areas, Hubs provide the option of external antennas to boost signals. 
  • Multiple Users:  When sharing internet with multiple devices, a Hub allows more attached devices to actively share the available bandwidth. 
  • Firewall/Data Control:  Mobile Hubs can allow a company to specify what devices and/or sites are available to be used with them, providing security from unauthorized access to the device or specified the internet content. 

Today’s Mobile Hubs can be portable, or affixed on-site – with low cost plans that share your company data pool. 

Curious to learn more? If you are interested in learning more about these options, or how to power your field workforce, reach out to us at  | (604) 629-8526. 

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