Smartphones and Tablets are Changing the Face of Business. Is your Wireless Dealer Keeping up?

September 05, 2013

When it comes to business, not all wireless dealers are created equal.

Not all wireless dealers are created equalBusinesses are increasingly reliant on smartphones, superphones and tablets to get the job done. Whether it's accessing important documents, conducting last minute Internet research, running an analysis application or keeping in touch with prospects and customers, smartphones today are integral to productivity, efficiency - and the bottom line. Especially for employees who spend time at remote offices, on the road and at job sites.
That's why when it comes to selecting your mobility partner, remember that not all wireless dealers are created equal. As a business, you need to maximize your investment, streamline implementation and keep costs down. You also need to ensure your devices are working, and your system is up and running. After all, downtime can be costly, both in terms of productivity and revenue.
So what should you look for when selecting a wireless mobility partner for your business? At a minimum, you need a partner who understands your business needs, and is experienced with enterprise implementations. You also need a partner who can offer you training, service, support and in-house technical expertise - so you can maximize your investment and minimize costly downtime.

Five Key Questions to Ask when Selecting the Right Wireless Dealer for Your Business:

So how can you select the right wireless dealer for your business? Here are five key questions to ask:

  1. Is the wireless dealer consumer or business focused?
    Until very recently, businesses had few options when it came to their wireless solutions. Why? Because nearly all wireless dealers are focused on consumers first.
    But a limited consumer solution barely touches on the real needs businesses have when it comes to wireless. After all, consumers don’t need to manage a complex network, equip their remote office and job site teams with mobile office solutions, or manage their fleets and keep their assets secure.
    While few wireless dealers choose to focus primarily on businesses, the ones that do differ from their consumer counterparts in some important ways. They tend to be solution vs. device focused, offer a variety of add-on business solutions, employ a team of in-house support and technical experts, and partner with you to provide ongoing services.

  2. Does the dealer offers more than just devices?
    A business-focused dealer provides specialized business solutions necessary for managing complex networks and designed to improve the productivity and efficiency of employees and teams. This could include integrated solutions to manage fleets, assets and hosted/cloud products as well as tools to better track expenses and employee activities.

  3. Does the dealer employ an in-house technical and support team?
    Downtime due to system issues or device problems can be costly. To minimize this downtime, it's important to select a vendor that offers timely and on-location repair services. These are services most consumer dealers (and some business dealers) don’t offer.

  4. The dealer acts as an advocate for your business.
    If you’ve ever purchased a cell phone or tablet from a consumer dealer and have had a support issue, you are familiar with his scenario. You contact the dealer to correct the problem, and are put on a waiting list or have to deal with several people and departments before you get your questions answered and problems solved.
    Your business-focused dealer should act as your main contact and an advocate for you with the carrier – so you don’t have to spend your valuable time navigating the system yourself.

  5. The dealer partners with you to ensure you continue to save on your wireless costs.
    A good business-focused dealer is a consultant and partner first. This means that you don’t just save when you switch. Wireless is a rapidly changing industry and your dealer should have a program in place to review your account on a regular basis and ensure you’re taking the most advantage of efficiencies in devices, networks, carrier programs.

The bottom line when selecting your wireless partner is to make sure they are focused on business - your business. With the right partner, you can seamlessly implement a customized and cost-effective wireless system that will help you increase productivity and impact your bottom line. You will be able to integrate additional services into your wireless network that will add additional value. Best of all, you will have the peace of mind to know that if disaster strikes, everything will be taken care of quickly and efficiently.

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